sia_logo_cleanWelcome to the newly redesigned website of the Society of Italian-Americans of Des Moines, Iowa!  Our club has roots dating back to 1898 and we are still going strong with over 240 members.   The purpose of our society can best be described as it was in the Des Moines  Italian-American newspaper almost 80 years ago:

“Some thirty-two years ago, a Sunday in April to be exact, a group of Italian men gathered together at one of the homes to discuss the possibility of organizing a society that would benefit both them and their families.  There were hundreds of American organizations doing benevolent and charitable work, but these Italians hesitated to join because of their difficulty with the American language.  Timidity held back those who could speak English.  It was important, then, that this mass of foreign speaking, but American thinking individuals should band together and form an organization that would serve as an outlet for the charitable impulse and at the same time create for them a social atmosphere that would make their lives in their adopted country more important, pleasant and profitable.”The American Citizen, August 22, 1930

One hundred and eleven years later, our society now consists of not only some original Italian immigrants, but 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th-generation Italian-Americans who still band together in a social atmosphere to support each other, improve our community, and preserve our precious Italian heritage.  Through strong leadership and the continued activism of our members, we plan on being around for another 111 years.

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